Mad Scientist Costume

Stink 2 is the middle child.

He is smart, fun and may be the only kid on the block that likes to spend  time in a darkened room looking at things under his microscope.

He is also the only one of my three that concerns me a bit when he heads to the basement and says he is “Building a rocket.”

One day, he just might.

He wanted to be a Mad Scientist for Halloween, which couldn’t be more fitting.

This was two years ago now and I recently came across his costume he still loves to wear, yet outgrown.

This was the first garment I made that was entirely self drafted.  As in, I made the pattern all by myself.  Howie coat patterns just aren’t as popular as I think they should be.

The button are faux, underneath there are snaps.

I feel that Mad Scientist’s would wear awesome plaid pants.

On Halloween, he wore black gloves and goggles and carried a beaker filled with green goo. He had a blast and was certainly remembered through the haze of superheroes and princesses.

One of my favorites in this household

and not just because I made it, but because it suited him so perfectly.


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